Right vs. Left Brain

____________________________________________ Are you right or left brain dominant?



General characteristics

Right Brain Characteristics:


Left Brain Characteristics:



The differences between the two hemispheres of the brain, left and right brain.

The persons nature largely depends on which part of his brain dominates the nervous system.

The right brain is intuitive, meaning it is led by feelings,
The left brain is analytical, meaning it is led by logical approach towards problems.

Right brain tends to make lateral connection from the derived information,
Left brain tends to make logical deductions from the derived information.

The right brain is visual, stressing on music and pattern,
The left brain is verbal, stressing on words, numbers and symbols.

Right brained people struggle with mathematical formulas and words to express themselves,
Left brained people are very good at memorizing mathematical formulas and also express them pretty well.

In people with right brain domination, organizational skills are very poor,
People with left brain domination are highly organized.

People with right brain don’t give attention to minute details,
People with left brain tend to focus on each and every minute detail and step taken.

When given a task of assembling a particular thing, right brain people will start working promptly without reading the instructions,
Left brained people will carefully go through the instructions and then start working.

When people with right brain communicate, they tend to make many gestures with their hands,
Left brain people hardly use gestures when communicating.

Right brain is designed to listen to ‘how’ something is being said,
Left brain is designed to listen to ‘what’ is being said.

Although right brained people don’t rationalize things they do have the tendency to question the rules,
Left brained people never question rules, instead they readily accept them.


People with dominant right brain have difficulty in prioritizing things which makes them execute things in hurry at the last moment, whereas people with dominant left brain are well versed with planning the future which makes them be prepared well in advance.


In a site I read, the characteristics of the two can be broken down into the following points.

Right Brain

People who are right brain dominant are usually good with these things.
Characteristics of a right-brained person:

    • Prefer rock music
    • Right brain controls left side of body
    • Prefer visual instructions with examples
    • Good at sports
    • Good at art
    • Cat lovers
    • Enjoy clowning around
    • Can be hypnotized
    • Like to read fantasy and mystery stories
    • Can listen to music or TV while studying
    • Like to write fiction
    • Prefer group
    • Fun to dream about things that will probably never happen
    • Enjoy making up own drawings and images
    • Good at geometry
    • Like organizing things to show relation
    • Can memorize music
    • Occasionally absentminded
    • Like to act out stories
    • Enjoy interacting affectively with others
    • Think better when lying down
    • Become restless during long verbal explanations
    • Enjoy creative storytelling
    • Prefer to learn through free exploration
    • Good at recalling spatial imagery
    • Read for main details
    • Skilled in showing relationships between ideas
    • Preference for summarizing over outlining
    • Solve problems intuitively
    • Very Spontaneous and unpredictable
    • Dreamer
    • philosophical

Left Brain

People who are left brain dominant are usually good with these things.
Characteristics of a left-brained person:

    • Prefer Classical Music
    • Your Left-Brain controls the right side of your body
    • Prefer things like instructions to be done verbally
    • Good at math
    • Like to read
    • Very Logical
    • Dog lovers
    • Don’t enjoy clowning around
    • Can’t be hypnotized
    • Usually remember things only specifically studied
    • Need total quiet to read or study
    • Like to read realistic stories
    • Like to write non-fiction
    • Prefer individual counseling
    • Enjoy copying or tracing pictures and filling in details
    • Also like to read action stories
    • Usually rational
    • Usually do things in a planned orderly way
    • If you have to answer someone’s question, you won’t let your peronal feelings get in the way
    • Good at algebra
    • Can remember verbal material
    • Almost never absent minded
    • Like to tell stories but not act them out
    • Can think better sitting down
    • Like to be a music critic
    • Attentive during long verbal explanations
    • Prefer well structured assignments over open ended ones
    • Read for specific details and facts
    • Skilled at sequencing ideas
    • Likes to be Organized



____________________________________________ Are you right or left brain dominant?


If you want to check your brain dominant, you can find many online tests in the internet, such as:







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